Tuesday, October 23, 2012

*do you want to know?*

they: what are you doing right now?
me: im not working. i further my study master in statistics course
they: statistics? whats that?
me: statistics is statistics laa >.<
they: ???
me: in a simple words. statistics is juz like banci penduduk and related with jabataan perangkaan.hiw3..
 (i didnt know weather what i am saying right or sorry statisticians but its only an example to let you understand =) )

What did you know about statistics? why statistics very important in our life or otherwise you don even know what is statistics..
Let me tell you. statistics is a best friend with variation. without variation statistics is nothings. am i right? huhu this is whats my lecturer keep babbling during the lectures hours. statistics course are really wide. it can joint with marketing, business, and medical as well. when we talk about statistics its all about data, number and interpretation. generally statistics love to forecast and know the recent situations of certain things that have variation and we can make a conclusion from variations.
from many become one conclusion for the many.aha! 
oh im gonna be mad with this course =)
i hope i can finish up in one and half years.
its wonderful when the midterm break begins!
i really need rest =)

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