Monday, October 22, 2012

*My heart in pain*

love and to be loved .
sometimes for someone its easy to get it but sometimes its need some efforts on the seek to find a true love.
and sometimes its really need for sacrifice.
my heart in pain.

i dont know why in my journey its hard for me to forget the memories,
until someone come to my life and try to replace you from my heart but still not able to remove you.

its really awkward why you came to me at the moment im starting to forget you.
do you know how hard it is.
i act spontaneously.
i act calm and behave as if there is nothing

my heart become mess.
i dont know what to do.
im scare to do a first step.
whatever will be, i let it to be.

free my mind, free my heart.
im doing nothing.
let us take a rest. 

i raise my hand and start to do'a.

now and forever i remind myself.
my heart and love only for Allah and Rasul.
its remain.
but i cant deny in my heart there is love for a mankind as well.
please understand me.

Maha suci Allah,
Sepenuh timbangan,
Sejauh ilmu,
Sebanyak keredhaan,
Setimbang Arasy,
Tidak ada tempat  berlepas dan bersandar,
hanya kepada Allah yang Maha suci,
Allah Yang Tunggal dan tiada yang sejodoh denganNya,
Yang kuasa hanya Engkau Yang Maha Tinggi dan Maha Besar,
Cukuplah Engkau tempat ku berpegang,
Engkau sebaik-baik tempat ku berpegang dan tempat ku meminta pertolongan.
Dugaan apa yang Engkau berikan.
Aku tahu itulah yang terbaik buatku . 
Dear Muslimah's. Know your worth, and Be that One In Million who love to have the love of their Lord more than the love of a boyfriend!


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