Friday, November 30, 2012

*you busy/damnly stress to find/wait something but you didnt realize what you have were enough to make you bliss if you are thankful and patient*

its raining in shah alam..i got a class at 6.30.. 
stay at faculty in a lab, doing assignment make me feel wonderful (ok.pretend) cold and little bit lonely =p..
regarding on my title..trying to advice me myself and u olls peeps..
 and i think the same thing goes to you , is it right.. 
please dont refuse to answer 'yes'.. 
Islam teach us to be a thankful.. patient.. sincere..mankind.. thats it.. the things look simple but many peoples maybe 'sometimes' failed to be such that in every second in our life..oftenly muhasabah diri..
before you are going to sleep.. 

"Manusia diciptakan bersifat lemah" - Surah Nisa' bukan saya kata tapi Allah kata... Insanu Dhaifa...<-----sumber:blog wardina saffiyah

We are to weak to depend on ourself or others...thus depend on Allah.. after USAHA, we DOA, then we TAWAKKAL..

hold tightly

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

*I love you mom*

i miss u mom..
MOM a special person ..the only one..

Sunday, November 18, 2012

*kisah tentang bintang*

Dia sangat merinduiku
Ketika aku muncul menghiasi langit
Dia tersenyum merenungku
Di antara beribu bintang
Aku menjadi temannya
Dia berkata..
Ya ALLAH izinkan bintang yang satu itu menjadi temanku
Yang sentiasa menghiburkan dengan kerlipan
Yang sentiasa menerangi cahaya kegembiraan
Pada suatu ketika
Aku tidak muncul menemani malamnya
Aku berselindung di balik awan nan hitam
Sedang Allah memberi sang hujan untuk menyirami bumi
Aku melihat di celah-celah awan hitam
Dia sedih , melihat hujan dan awan hitam
Dia mencari-cari ku di semua sudut langit
Aku melihat dia sunyi...
Suram dalam sepi
Seolah-olah tidak senang dengan sang hujan
Dia berkata
Ya ALLAH munculkan bintang yang satu itu
Jika dia bersembunyi di balik awan hitam
Alihkanlah agar mudah ku memandang
Jika hujan penyebab cahaya bintang padam
Hentikan hujan agar dapat terus ku melihat sinar cahayanya
Jika aku bisa berkata-kata
Aku ingin berkata kepadanya
Wahai temanku
Aku juga merindumu
Tapi malam ini bukan milik ku
Allah yang mengaturnya
Kadang kala...
Allah tidak memberikan bintang menemani mu
Tapi Dia mengantikan dengan yang lain
Lebih baik dari bintang iaitu hujan
Yang bisa memberikan kesejukan di jiwamu
Juga Membasahi kemarahan dan egoanya mu,
Cubalah menjadi temannya.
Jika suatu saat aku tidak muncul lagi...
Jangan pernah engkau menyalahkan takdir ini
Percayalah semuanya sudah di atur oleh Ilahi
Segala apa yang diberikan pada mu ALLAH Lebih mengetahui.
Dan itu jualah yang terbaik buat diri
menjalani kehidupan dengan keyakinan teguh terhadap ketentuan Illahi

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

*Lust versus Faith*

As long as we are here in this world.. we cant run from lust.. Its just whether lust lead us or we lead the lust?? 
ask yourself. i read one's said, if we want to know how our relationship with Allah.. check how often we remember Him..and is our daily routine correspondingly Amar Makruf Nahi Mungkar?  
That is our responsibility as a servant. if we fail, please accomplished it by hook or by crook..what ever people talk let them talk.. Im too weak to face all those tests but i always feel that Allah always be with me..In anyway you have been tested please be strong..strong..and stronger..and you may know how strong you re when you can overcome all the tests. 
increase the frequency of istighfar..
thats Muslims medicine..
Who will give you everything. Only Allah.. Praise on Him.. Either miracle can happen when He said Kunfayakun! nothing cant deny His powerful.. Allahuakbar..
dont be hypocrites!
clean heart from dusts even though!
appeal for serenity!
only from Allah the Almighty!

Smile and forgiveness can wash all the pain..
can you feel it..
It just immediate or we need to wait.
repair your imaan.
repair your relationship with Allah...
for the seek of Allah blessing..

Sunday, November 11, 2012

*don't wait for me*

live independently, alone, without mess your head,  
who are you? 
retain the right instinct, dispel from the bad, retain among them, focus on our last destination. 
remember our promises?
 I wish and i wish...........we get bliss in the end... 
not mine without His bless
I dont want what i want..
but i want what Allah want..

Saturday, November 10, 2012

*In the day that make us strong*

Down down and slowly down.. now i know how though it is..  but at the same time when we felt so down.. just raise your hands and pray for a spirit.. new spirit and revise our aim..
 as iman , its fluctuate time by time.. the mankind disposition.. congratulation for Muslims who are really strong in the order to be a great caliph in this world and the day here after you could not be lost.. when you have no body.. 
Allah is always besides you.. then how couldnt u realize it? 
As a student cgpa is really important to be graded as a brilliant brilliant brilliant among others.
first things the knowledges increase your faith? Insyallah! the first appears in our box ? Yes.! barokah/keberkatan? Insyallah! 
latent factors that actually our main target. iman and keberkatan itu..