Saturday, November 10, 2012

*In the day that make us strong*

Down down and slowly down.. now i know how though it is..  but at the same time when we felt so down.. just raise your hands and pray for a spirit.. new spirit and revise our aim..
 as iman , its fluctuate time by time.. the mankind disposition.. congratulation for Muslims who are really strong in the order to be a great caliph in this world and the day here after you could not be lost.. when you have no body.. 
Allah is always besides you.. then how couldnt u realize it? 
As a student cgpa is really important to be graded as a brilliant brilliant brilliant among others.
first things the knowledges increase your faith? Insyallah! the first appears in our box ? Yes.! barokah/keberkatan? Insyallah! 
latent factors that actually our main target. iman and keberkatan itu.. 

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