Tuesday, November 13, 2012

*Lust versus Faith*

As long as we are here in this world.. we cant run from lust.. Its just whether lust lead us or we lead the lust?? 
ask yourself. i read one's said, if we want to know how our relationship with Allah.. check how often we remember Him..and is our daily routine correspondingly Amar Makruf Nahi Mungkar?  
That is our responsibility as a servant. if we fail, please accomplished it by hook or by crook..what ever people talk let them talk.. Im too weak to face all those tests but i always feel that Allah always be with me..In anyway you have been tested please be strong..strong..and stronger..and you may know how strong you re when you can overcome all the tests. 
increase the frequency of istighfar..
thats Muslims medicine..
Who will give you everything. Only Allah.. Praise on Him.. Either miracle can happen when He said Kunfayakun! nothing cant deny His powerful.. Allahuakbar..
dont be hypocrites!
clean heart from dusts even though!
appeal for serenity!
only from Allah the Almighty!

Smile and forgiveness can wash all the pain..
can you feel it..
It just immediate or we need to wait.
repair your imaan.
repair your relationship with Allah...
for the seek of Allah blessing..


  1. thats true..smoga hati kita tidak berbolak balik setelah Allah memberi petunjuk..