Friday, November 30, 2012

*you busy/damnly stress to find/wait something but you didnt realize what you have were enough to make you bliss if you are thankful and patient*

its raining in shah alam..i got a class at 6.30.. 
stay at faculty in a lab, doing assignment make me feel wonderful (ok.pretend) cold and little bit lonely =p..
regarding on my title..trying to advice me myself and u olls peeps..
 and i think the same thing goes to you , is it right.. 
please dont refuse to answer 'yes'.. 
Islam teach us to be a thankful.. patient.. sincere..mankind.. thats it.. the things look simple but many peoples maybe 'sometimes' failed to be such that in every second in our life..oftenly muhasabah diri..
before you are going to sleep.. 

"Manusia diciptakan bersifat lemah" - Surah Nisa' bukan saya kata tapi Allah kata... Insanu Dhaifa...<-----sumber:blog wardina saffiyah

We are to weak to depend on ourself or others...thus depend on Allah.. after USAHA, we DOA, then we TAWAKKAL..

hold tightly

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