Saturday, December 8, 2012

*kadang-kadang ia bukan lah apa-apa, cuma perasaan*

Assalamualaikum =)
when you read this please keep this as a secrete. <3

 can you guest what? 
session nauseating feeling..
when a girl have a blog.. 
it such a compulsary things to all out some feeling from our mind..
maybe this is the best way to let peoples know hows our feeling..
whats the best is when you read people's life, realize....what you have in your life is the best..
bittersweet journey..
you should be thankful..
we are not even knowing each other..
but im your peep... =)

story about me..
im 24 years old sis.. next year its been my 25th birthday..
oh im aging ok.huhu!
but i never worry how old i am..
but im worry when im infront of Allah..
adakah amalan ku cukup dengan kasih sayang yang Kau berikan padaku Allah?..
sometimes i can feel that my heart juz like vacuum.
for me..
bitter tests is better than joy tests.
peoples when get hurt,.
they return back to the Creator.
but peoples when they have fun..
they forget..........
in whatever we have been tested...
Allah itu maha pengasih lagi maha penyayang..
nikmat Allah yang mana kita nafikan?

Four be the things I’d been better without:
Love, curiosity, freckles, and doubt.

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