Tuesday, December 11, 2012


time never wait for us.. same goes to hidayah..never wait for us.. 
time by times peoples lost their way.. i mean straight way (sirat-al-mustaqim) ..jalan yang lurus,, 
jalan yang Engkau Redhai ya Allah..bukan jalan orang-orang yang Engkai murkai dan bukan juga jalan orang-orang tidak Engkau beri nikmat.. I miss You Allah.. I love You Allah.. 
in every second in my life. i wont forget about You..
seeking for the light ..even sometimes i fall into the holes..
i never let myself to fall too long..
there are my efforts....hope Your bless with Your rahmah i still here to be Your servant 
i wish my life will be completed and end of mylife with husnul khatimah (pengakhiran yang baik)
.. to see You face ya Khalik..
untuk sahabat-sahabat ku...
in every recitations from ayah al-Quran..
i feel calmness..
open the eyes..
to see miracle..

diligent in performing prayers
live for Allah.. die for Allah

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